The fugitive

Enjoyed the study in 1 Samuel this morning

From September 1963 to August 1967. David Janssen starred

as Dr. Richard Kimble, a physician who was wrongfully convicted.

I enjoyed that series when I was in my teens.

The drama of being on the run was incredibly intriguing.

In 1 & 2 Samuel we see David as a fugitive.

First he was running from his unstable jealous father in law Saul

Later in life he’s on the run from his own kids.

It’s amazing how God sovereignty protects and provides for David.

Many of the Psalms are poetic journaling of David’s feelings of lament

but also of his gratitude and praise for God’s rich care.

Some of his poetry is despairing.

Some of the expressions are his acknowledging his bad decisions.

But all of his Psalms are a phenomenal display of his love for the Lord.

We live in a season where the potential for us being fugitives is multiple.

There are so many things that can hound us. Do we flee? Do we escape?

Do we hide? Or is Jesus our escape and hiding place?

We can sit down in God’s presence in nonstop continuous un-interruption,

We can spend every night in El Shaddai’s shadow,

GOD, is our refuge. We trust in Him and we’re safe in His love!

He rescues us from hidden traps,

He shields us from deadly hazards.

His huge outstretched arms protect us—

In Christ’s care we’re perfectly safe;

He rescues us from all harm.

We don’t have to Fear anything—

not predators,

not drive by shootings,

not disease that prowls and stalks us as we age,

not disaster that skydives in on us unannounced.

We’re surrounded by many that succumb,

But in Jesus no harm will destroy us.

In His care we’re untouchable,

When we stumble, he catches us;

God’s Spirit takes His job seriously and He keeps us from falling.

We walk unharmed when we walk in the Spirit as He clears the path for us.

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