His responses through us

“He opened not His mouth.”

Isa. 53:7

Grace is required to endure

a misunderstanding

Grace is essential to receive

any unkind rejection!

Nothing exhibits our character

than to have some evil thing

said about us.

Its those unusual caustic critics

that verify if we’re pretentious

or the real deal.

If we could just grasp each

positive blessing concealed

in our trials

we‘d exclaim in praise

“Let them curse; it may be…

that the Lord will reward us good

for this cursing.”

We can get off track from God’s

design of blessings

When we erupt in grievances

against opposition.

We can become petty

and whirl into outrage

These conflicts.are like

a nest of hornets.

We may expose the nest,

at the price getting stung,

Who needs the swollen welts

God give us The Spirit of Jesus,

“who, when He was reviled,

reviled not again”;

but “committed Himself

to God who judges righteously.”

Help us meditate on Him

who endured the extreme abuse

of ridicule against Himself.”

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