Jesus is very tender over us

We may feel we are like

the smoking flax;

a rougher spirit

that moves aggressively

might have smashed us

by suggesting too

“put out that smoking flax,

it fills the room

with an offensive odour!”

Jesus will not extinguish

the smoking flax. Never!

He will not quench it.

We may feel we are like

a bruised reed;

a fragile plant whose stems

and stocks are fractured.

Christ’s gestures are gentle

Jesus movements are painstaking

He will never break the bruised reed

Instead of feeling down

by what we are feeling

It’s our privilege

to have Christ’s triumph on us

around us and in us

He sits us in heavenly places.

In Jesus we have all things.

You Lord has given us

the shield of His salvation;

His right hand has held us up,

And His gentleness

has made us great.

Psalms 18:35

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