Jesus knows us

We are graven on the palms

of His hands;

We are never out of His mind.

All our knowledge of Him

depends on His sustained initiative

in knowing us.

Christ is clear on that point.

We have not chosen Him.

He has chosen us.

We didn’t find Him.

He wasn’t lost.

How can a person

who is everywhere be lost.

No, He’s always present.

He found us.

We know Him because

He first knew us

and continues to know us.

He knows us as a friend

He wants our intimate friendship. . . .

There is tremendous relief

in knowing that His love to us

is utterly realistic.

His love for us is based

at every point on prior knowledge

of the worst about us.

There is no discovery by him

about us that surprises Him.

He is never disillusioned about us.

We can openly walk in His light

and confess all to Him.

He already knows it all.


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