Bless Him

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name

Psalm 100:4

To bless His name is to praise

We praise each of His qualities

We praise the beauty of Christ’s personality

Spurgeon notes that

Our Lord wants us to entertain high and happy thoughts

concerning His blessed person.

Jesus doesn’t want us to think shabby thoughts of Him;

It pleases Him that His espoused ones are delighted with:

His beauty

Overwhelmed with His luxurious delicacy,

Astounded with His rare and ravishing delights.

He has revealed Himself as the “pearl of great price”

His beauty is peerless,

His fragrances are as a “bundle of myrrh”

in its refreshing bouquet,

His lasting perfume is like the “rose of Sharon”

in its lasting aroma,

He is the “lily” in its spotless purity.

God esteems Him the unique and Only Begotten,

He is Heavens greatest unspeakable gift to us.

The Angels think of Jesus, as the name above every name

as they count it their highest honor

to veil their faces at His feet

To see Him is deeply inspiring

we sing His well deserved praises constantly.

High thoughts of Christ enable us to act consistently

In closeness to Him.

The more deeply we love someone

the more highly we esteem them.

Our Master’s excellencies are





We Study Him in His glory,

before he took on Himself our nature!

We think of the mighty love that drew Him from

His throne to die on the cross!

We Admire Him as

He conquers all the powers of hell!

We See Him risen, crowned, glorified!

We Bow before Him as

the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the mighty God,

He is stimulating in His love to us

we want could adore and love Him

we want only to bless and praise Him as He deserves.

He receives us and He embraces each expression

from our hearts in a loving embrace

He bows low

He lifts us high

We are blessed In His majestic person

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