Kiss us with the kisses of Your lips

These things happened

to them as examples

They were written down

as warnings for us,

on whom the culmination

of the ages has come.

1 Cor. 10:11

From the beginning of time

We hear God in Scripture

He’s showing His caring love

but we also His corrective love.

His caring love is seen

As He comes near

He in a compassionate voice

walks up to us

asks questions of us

gives direction to us

provides provision for us

and He surrounds in protection.

His corrective love

We God communicating

in the bio sketches of individuals,

we hear our Lords voice

in the lives of ancient families

We see God’s sovereign control

In the rise and fall of Nations.

We see those many

Who turn their backs

on God’s caring love

Who drift off into

destructive behavior.

God provides them

God provides for us:

He His riches of grace in Christ.

When we fail to possess

all our possessions in our Lord

we’re then vulnerable

to the snares and traps

of the enemy of our souls.

If we falter

If we’re pinned to the mat

in our wrestling match

with the forces of evil darkness

We get corrected

We’re plunged into enemy captivity

We experience the losses

We endure the damages.

We study God’s voice through








and teachers.

We hear His cautions

We feel His warnings

We ponder these lives

We meditate on His dealings

Each page of scripture

Is a fountain of life

Each word is vital to define

Each phrase of His voice

Is echoing God’s volumes

about our Saviors compassion

Our Lord Jesus love for our soul

And we muse on Him

And in adoring awe we cry

O love that will not let us go

We rest our weary soul in thee

We owe our life to You

Christ! You are

the fulfillment of the ages

You are the Ancient of days

You spoke everything

into existence

And by Your voice all things exist

You began all things

You’ll end all things

You wrote this first phrases

of life “by in the Beginning God”

You”ll soon write the final lines

displaying the wages of sin

and demonstrating eternal life

through Your glorious return

even so come Lord Jesus

In Your caring love

In Your corrective love

As righteousness and love

As justice and peace

Kiss each other

Kiss us with

the kisses of Your lips

Your love is superior

to everything this world

has to offer

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