Eyes to the sun

Surviving in the extreme storm

We will dwell again in His shade.

We will flourish like the grain.

We will blossom like a vine.

Hosea 14:7

Last night it dropped down

to 28 degrees.

The plants in our garden are

bowing down in the frigid chill.

Our previously admired blooms

are constricted by ice.

There beauty and delicate

fragrance are pushed into a

wintertime hibernation

Winter is merciless,

Our flowers droop in shock,

There petals are choked by a

savage frosty strangulation.

There glory has departed.

Just to make things interesting

our thermostat is being finicky

I bought an inexpensive

replacement at Home Depot

but am puzzled with how to

replace the old with the new

Past failures in repairing stuff

makes me frozen in action

I’m unable to help my

fragile flowers until a new

resurrection in the spring sun

There are so many challenges

in our life

We need

the sun of righteousness to

rise with healing in His wings

“But for us who fear His name,

the sun of righteousness will

rise with healing in His wings;

and we will go out and skip

about like calves from the stall.”

Mal. 4:2

because of the tender mercy of

our God, by which the Dawn

will visit us from on high

Luke 1:78

For the Lord God is a sun and

a shield; the Lord gives grace

and he gives glory; our God

withholds no good thing from

all who walk with Him

Psalms 84:11

The light of the moon will be

as bright as the sun, and the

light of the sun will be seven

times brighter…on the day

that the Lord binds up the

brokenness of His people and

heals the wounds He inflicted

Isaiah 30:26

Then the lame will leap like

a deer and the mute tongue

will shout for joy. For waters

will gush out in the wilderness,

and streams in the desert.

Isaiah 35:6

Arise, shine, for Your light

is come, and the glory of

the Lord rises on us

Isaiah 60:1

Our Lord will restore our health

He will heal our wounds,

declares our LORD,

although they call us

an outcast, for whom

no one cares

Jeremiah 30:17

Nevertheless, I will bring to

you health and healing,

and I will my people and

reveal to you the abundance

of peace and truth.

Jeremiah 33:6

For we will go out with joy,

we will be led out with peace:

the mountains and the hills

will break out before us

into singing, and all the trees

of the field will clap their hands…

Isaiah 55:12-13

He gives us power to endure

through communion with God,

but we’re in danger of being

crushed by a heavy chill

of difficult trials

We lean on Christ

He’s promised

“I will strengthen you” Isa 41:10

Katherine Lee Bates writes:

Yesterday’s Grief

The falling rain of yesterday

is ruby on the roses,

Silver on the poplar leaf,

and gold on willow stem;

The grief that fell just yesterday

is silence that encloses

God’s great gifts of grace,

as time will never trouble them.

The falling rain of yesterday

makes all the hillsides glisten,

Coral on the laurel and

beryl on the grass;

As grief that fell just yesterday

has taught the soul to listen

For whispers of eternity

in all the winds that pass.

O faint of heart, storm-beaten,

this freeze will shine tomorrow,

Flame within the columbine

and jewels on the thorn,

Heaven in the forget-me-not;

though sorrow now is sorrow,

Yet sorrow will be beauty

in the magic of the morn.

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