It Is Good

With each new day and in

every situation is there’s a

new opportunity for us to have

a transforming experience through

a preoccupation with Jesus.

“When we continually immerse

ourselves in the glory of Christ,

a virtue will flow from Him to

repair all our decays and

to transform all our declines

to renew a right spirit within us.

The Spirit of our Lord will cause

us to abound in all His truth…

He will fix our soul to His object

which is suited to give us delight,

peace and satisfaction.…

When our mind is filled with

thoughts of Christ and His glory,

when our soul cleaves to Jesus

with intense affections, our

spiritual weakness is cast out,

The oppression of our disorder

will fade as our soul engages in

encouraging view of Christ and

His glory;

Everything about our Lord Jesus

has a constraining power to

lift us above our present affliction.”

Adapted in a remix of John Owen

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